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The aim of this section of the website is to give Practitioners a better understanding of lower limb biomechanics and offer treatment modalities which target the cause of the these conditions, not just the symptoms.

The information in this section is by no means exhaustive. Practitioners who want to learn more can attend one of three different levels of VASYLI Biomechanics Workshops.

Vasyli Biomechanics Workshops

We have three levels of Biomechanics Workshops, each designed to accommodate Practitioners with different levels of experience. VASYLI Workshops will give you the skills to confidently diagnose biomechanical complaints and refer for orthotics or dispense VASYLI's custom or pre-molded orthotics in your own clinic. Typical Workshop Level 1 and 2 topics include:

  • The relationship between biomechanical deformities and common injuries
  • The biomechanics of subtalar joint motion
  • Forefoot and rearfoot mechanics
  • Neutral subtalar joint positioning
  • Orthotic fabrication workshop
  • Orthotic posting and wedging techniques
  • Gait analysis
  • Mechanics of forefoot motion
  • Forefoot neutral positioning and measurement
  • Assessment and diagnosis of forefoot deformities
  • Orthotic fabrication and posting workshop
  • Patient reassessment/troubleshooting

Please check the schedule for upcoming seminars in your area or call the VASYLI Customer Service number in your country to find out more and/or register. You can also email us at: mailadresse