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VASYLI + Prior

Low profile Sports Orthotic

The association between Vasyli Medical and UK Podiatric Surgeon and Sports Podiatrist Trevor Prior goes back many years. When we asked Trevor where he thought there was a "gap" in the range of Pre-fabricated orthotics available, he said without hesitation, "Low profile sports footwear featuring studs or cleats".

This style of footwear is unique in it's challenges to accommodate an orthotic device.

The lack of depth in the heel, the tight "glove like" fit , softness of the leather plus the narrow and flat profile of the stud / cleat plate all contribute to a difficult environment in which to control the foot.

Therefore who better to collaborate with than a man who has his own enterprise in designing bespoke  sports footwear for professional sports men and women.

Utilizing sophisticated in shoe sensor technology Trevor creates the stud plate or sole of the footwear so that it reflects the orthotic profile. However, this does not come without cost!

Trevor felt there was a need to provide recreational, amateur and professional sports men and women with a cost effective alternative to custom made orthotics / footwear. Therefore in association with Vasyli R&D, the Vasyli + Prior Sports orthotic  was created.


The Vasyli+Prior incorporates a subtle 4mm heel raise – perfect for those tight posterior muscles and associated conditions such as Achilles Tendinitis.

The rear foot post of 3° + the 4mm raise forms a smart medial wedge giving control without the "bulk".

Low profile medial arch contour ensures comfort while the high density heat moldable shell provides further customization, enhancing fit and performance.

The intrinsic fore foot contours balance the unique fore foot loads experienced with studs / cleats and further enhances 1st ray plantarflexion, facilitating Hallux dorsiflexion.

In turn this assists in instigating the Windlass mechanism - promoting "high Gear" propulsion, stabilizing the fore foot, locking the mid foot for maximum power transfer during heel up and toe off.

Features & Benefits

  • The heat moldable high density shell (A) extends through the lateral aspect of the fore foot assisting in locking up the mid tarsal joint enhancing the propulsive phase of gait.

  • The PU fore foot (B) provides both comfort and function.

  • The 1st ray plantarflex zone (C) facilitates fore foot stability and Hallux dorsiflexion.

  • The PU shock dot in the heel (D) assists in attenuating heel strike forces.

Trevor Prior

Trevor Prior

Podiatric Surgeon and Sports Podiatrist. Consultant podiatric surgeon at Homerton University Hospital. Director, Premier Podiatry Limited.

Trevor Prior speaks about the Vasyli Prior Sports Orthotic