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VASYLI - Wave Sandal

Sandaler som har samme funksjon som innleggsåler

NB! Denne sandalen er ikke lenger tilgjengelig en ny sandal med enda bedre egenskaper vil være tilgjengelig fra sommer/høst 2009


The Vasyli Wave Orthotic Sandal is designed to compliment your orthotic treatment when patients are not wearing shoes.

University tests show that the Wave orthotic sandal reduces both the rate and amount of pronation which in turn has been shown to be effective in reducing the incidence of lower limb biomechanical injuries*

  • the comfort and freedom of a sandal with the orthotic built into the footbed.
  • Affordable, extremely comfortable and easy to wear
  • Continue orthotic treatment outside the shoe
  • Protection against hard, flat surfaces
  • 30 day money back guarantee

* Investigating the Effectiveness of Off-the-shelf Orthotic Sandals on Self-selected Gait - Assoc. Prof. Michael Koh, Alex Ong, Tarkeshwar Singh Singapore Republic Polytechnic